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Archimedes' theory, legislation of Archimedes - (hydrostatics) the obvious loss in excess weight of the overall body immersed within a fluid is equal to the weight of your displaced fluid

regulation, jurisprudence - the collection of procedures imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for that regulation"; "The nice problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom although enforcing order"

A regulation enacted in 204 BC barred Roman advocates from taking charges, though the law was commonly overlooked.[191] The ban on charges was abolished by Emperor Claudius, who legalized advocacy as being a job and permitted the Roman advocates to be the 1st attorneys who could observe openly—but he also imposed a price ceiling of ten,000 sesterces.

Lawyers are paid out for his or her work in a variety of techniques. In non-public observe, they may function for an hourly price As outlined by a billable hour construction,[170] a contingency cost[171] (usually in situations involving personalized personal injury), or maybe a lump sum payment if the issue is straightforward. Generally, most attorneys negotiate a penned fee settlement up entrance and should need a non-refundable retainer beforehand.

distribution regulation - (chemistry) the whole Electrical power in an assembly of molecules isn't dispersed equally but is dispersed about a median price In accordance with a statistical distribution

legislation - the department of philosophy concerned with the regulation and also the ideas that direct courts to generate the choices they are doing

A lot more commonly, in Authorized Ethics: A Comparative Examine (2004), legislation professor Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr. with Angelo Dondi briefly examined the "regulations seeking to suppress attorney misconduct" and pointed out that their similarity world wide was paralleled by a "impressive consistency" in selected "persistent grievances" about lawyers that transcends both of those time and locale, with the Bible to medieval England to dynastic China.

Mutawa, Mutawa'een - religious police find more in Saudi Arabia whose duty is to ensure demanding adherence to founded codes of perform; offenders could be detained indefinitely; foreigners are certainly not excluded

b. The ailment of social order and justice developed by adherence to this type of program: a breakdown of law and civilized behavior.

In some nations around the world, like Japan, a scrivener or clerk may complete court docket forms and draft very simple papers for lay individuals who simply cannot pay for or never need to have attorneys, and suggest them regarding how to regulate and argue their own individual scenarios.[33]

Despite the fact that most courts have special pro hac vice procedures for these occasions, the attorney will nonetheless have to manage a special list of Experienced duty procedures, in addition to the possibility of other differences in substantive and procedural law.

Hostility to the legal occupation is usually a prevalent phenomenon. The legal profession was abolished in Prussia in 1780 As well as in France in 1789, while equally nations eventually understood that their judicial systems could not functionality proficiently with no lawyers.

Generally, legal professionals brief a court in crafting on the problems inside of a situation in advance of the issues is usually orally argued. They may have to execute intensive exploration into appropriate facts and regulation although drafting authorized papers and planning for oral argument.

to point out some thing in a way that implies that a single expects just one's belief and orders being approved devoid of argument. wette neerlê يَتَصَرَّف كأنه صاحب الأمر والنَّهي налагам се ditar leis autoritativně rozhodnout gebieterisch auftreten diktere μιλώ σαν αυθεντία, δίνω εντολές hablar autoritariamente kategooriliselt nõudma دستور قاطع دادن määräunwellä faire la loi לָתֵת הוֹרָאוֹת בְּסַמכוּתִיוּת अधिकारपूर्ण स्वर में बात करना, डांटना propisati zakon ellentmondást nem tűrő kijelentést tesz memaksakan setja fram afdráttarlausar staðhæfingar dettare legge 高飛車に言う 명령하듯이 말하다 autoritetingai tvirtinti, nurodinėti kategoriski pieprasīt memutuskan autoritair verkondigen gi klar beskjed stwierdzić autorytatywnie مننوكى پريكړه كول ditar leis a încerca să facă legea не допускать возражений autoritatívne rozhodnúť postavljati svoja pravila uspostaviti zakon lägga ut texten ไม่สนใจกฏหมาย yetkiyle görüşünü açıklamak; hükmetmek 發號施令 заявляти безапеляційно خود سری، ہماہمی سے کام لینا ra lệnh 发号施令

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